The AP reported that a sting operation by a suburban Houston police department netted one of their own when surveillance cameras caught an officer repeatedly stealing colleagues’ food and drinks from the refrigerator in the station’s break room.

Let this be a lesson to all you JACK FM office workers - stop stealing our food or you will get in trouble. That is our hot pocket, not yours. Leave it alone, Mike.

Is the Deer Park, TX Police Station really that bored or perhaps were they just initiating a rookie? Houston’s a pretty rough area, we’d like to think they have more to do than have some in-house, undercover operation going on.

The thief in question, Officer Kevin Yang, was charged with a class C misdemeanor theft and suspended for 30 days without pay. Dude, saving a few bucks here and there eating other people’s food cost you 30 days worth of salary. Not smart.

If you’re gonna steal people’s food, you have to do it little by little so they don’t even know it’s gone. Have you learned nothing from being a cop?

Luckily for citizens, the conviction will not keep him from returning to active duty. The rough streets of Deer Park will be safe once more. From discarded food.

Watch out stray cats, Yang is on the prowl.

  1. Joanne says:

    Ohh man. He gives yangs a bad name

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