Things You Should Not Spend $1,000 On – Doll Hair

With all the Jack Cash that’s been flying around lately, we though you might need some tips on how to spend your $1,000! We’ve got cash money on the brain and realized that there are tons of nicknames that people use for money.

Why not spend your thousand doll hairs on 800 ounces of doll hair?!

Greenbacks, buckaroos, cash-ola, the list is endless! We were wondering… are any of these nicknames actual things that can be purchased?

Doll Hairs. Yes, we love that line from Dumb and Dumber as much as you do. With a little research, we found that you can get a 4 ounce package of doll hair for about $5.

So…if you really wanted to spend your $1000 on doll hairs, you could buy about 800 ounces. All of that hair would make a mean toupee. Or better yet, you can finally use it for the hair plugs you’ve been jonesing for. Go with strawberry blonde. It’ll bring out your eyes. You could also give your nieces doll collection a makeover. We suggest you give them mullets. Here’s an infinitely creepy video on how to put all that doll hair to use in the way it was intended.


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