Behold: The $999 money clip.

You are unquestionably a high roller now that you have an extra $1,000 in JACK CASH lying around. And what do high rollers do? Make sure everyone around you knows that you are, in fact, a straight up baller.

baller Things You Should Not Spend $1000 on   A $999 Money Clip

Ethan Miller / Getty Images

We found the perfect accessory that would ensure your big spender status is totally evident: a money clip.

This isn’t just any money clip. This is the king of all money clips. Behold: The $999 money clip. Alright, alright it’s technically $957.78. Close enough.

We think that you cash your $1000 check, get 1000 one dollar bills, lay in bed, throw them everywhere, roll around in them, then buy the money clip and clip a single dollar bill inside.

The clip itself is from Aston Royal Jewelers (their tagline is “affordable luxury”, by the way).  They describe this completely pimpin’ accessory as a “sleek, smooth money clip” that was “created from gleaming, 14-karat gold. The smooth polished surface is perfect for a custom engraving.”

Hey, that’s what you can spend the leftover $42.22 on!

Personally, we would get an engraving that reads “Jack FM: The badass paper clip station” and use it to clip the unused gift membership to Crunch that we got for Christmas last year and the almost-full Cold Stone Creamery punch card we’ve been working on for the last week.

[Source: Aston Royal]


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