Totally Awesome Thing You Can Buy For $1,000: Zombie Survival Kits

We here at Jack believe that the Zombie Apocalypse is inevitable. And of course we’re prepared for that fateful day.

Instead of saving the money you won in JACK CASH, why not save your life?

We have everything planned out to the tee but we can’t tell you that for very obvious reasons.

The real question is are you ready for the dead to raise out from their graves?

Since we both know that you’re not we have decided to give you a helping hand before it’s everyman for themselves.

According to Zombie SAK you can purchase one of their premium Trekker Zombie Survival Kit for around $95.

So if you do the math that’s around 10 Zombie Survival Kits for you and your party.

The Trekker Zombie Survival Kit includes all of the following necessities:


Water Bottle

3 Day Rations

6 Water Pouches

5 Water Purification Tablets

Thermal Blanket

Kukri Knife

6 in 1 Multi Tool/Chow Set

Lifeline 29 Piece Essentials Survival Can

Magnesium Fire Starter

Zombie Survival Guide


Now multiply all of that times ten….EXACTLY and YOU’RE WELCOME!

With all of that you well be in a great starting position when the dawn of the dead arrives quicker then you think it will.

Honestly we would prefer it if you keep your group to less then ten but hey who are we to judge you if you do something stupid…oh wait.

So buy the ten Trekker Zombie Survival Kits hold up in a safe house somewhere with your mini-arsenal of knives, use the other backpacks when you go scouting and burn the other books for those cold sleepless nights.

But more importantly Happy Hunting out there in Zombieland and stay the hell out of our way when you see us.

[Source: Zombie SAK]


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