We can not get enough of people hurting themselves.

Here are some more of our favorite Workout Fails in honor of Jack’s Muscle Madness. But this time we are paying homage to those who won’t PAY for the gym membership and instead try to bulk up at home.

Don’t Pick Your Leg Up FAIL

What did we tell you don’t pick your leg. Do you see what happens when you don’t do what we tell you.

Homemade FAIL

A bunk bed latter + Bunk Bed Latter + Door = Terrible Idea.

Tag Team FAIL

Two brains are better than one right? I guess not. But at least their close kinda match.

One Rep FAIL

Home made dumbbell check. One over-confident dude check. Get exhausted after first rep check.

Gymnastics FAIL

You’re never going to make it to London with that form.

“Don’t Need No Spotter” FAIL

It’s really hard to have a guy spot ya when you sneak into the gym late at night for a workout all by your lonesome.

How Not To Squat FAIL

This is why you can’t workout in front of a mirror.  You’ll always get distracted by how good you look.

Pull-Up FAIL

Doing Pull-Ups on a cold wet day is a great combination for us to laugh at you.


girl fall dl Funny Workout Fails And Exercise Bloopers: The Saga Continues Jack’s Post-Workout Activities

More Workout FAILS

People Falling – FAIL!


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