We love pie.

Who doesn’t? Our mom always made the best pies… after long days of pick-up baseball games in the sandlot, we remember smelling that pie sitting on the window sill, beckoning us to run home.

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Wait – what’s that? “National Pi Day is math for the number 3.14?

First of all, what is math? Secondly, what does a “number that never ends” have to do with pie?

Don’t you try to spoil this day for us, math! This obscure national holiday come but once a year! In our opinion, National Pie Day is the rarest and most beautiful of holidays! And we will celebrate like it is.

Cherry, Apple, Lemon Meringue, Pumpkin, or whatever one is your favorite is. Yeah, pie is so awesome.

Damn pie! Why are you so awesome?  Because pies are more than just desserts? Like those  meat pies Sweeney Todd used to make? Or pizza pie, the greatest food on the planet?

Hell, pie is so awesome, it even makes a great cake! Cheesecake is technically a member of the pie family, after all.

So we salute you, pie, for all of the memories and to those great moment waiting to happen.

Top that, math.


Don McLean – “American Pie”


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