Things You Should Not Spend $1,000 On – 500 Copies of “Mrs. Doubtfire” on VHS

So you think you know what to buy with your $1000 of JACK CASH? Nope. You have no idea what treasures you are capable of obtaining with that kind of cash money. We heard you think you’re kind of a film buff. Well…

Why not buy 500 copies of the timeless comedy classic “Mrs. Doubtfire” on VHS?

Step aside, Casablanca. Move on over, Schindler’s List. We’ve got a real classic on our hands! Robin Williams dressed as a paunchy British woman? Now that spells cinema gold. That’s why we think you should dust off your videotape player and head over to to buy about 500 copies of Mrs. Doubtfire for $.01.

You’d think you could get 100,000 copies of the film with your $1000 but sadly the shipping for each tape is going to run you about $3.00. Why buy 500 copies of this 1993 gem? Because you can. Why VHS? Because analog is, like, totally hip. How amazing would an entire bookshelf full of Mrs. Doubtfire look in your living room? You will impress even the most snooty of your film buff friends. They will absolutely not think you’re a lunatic and laugh you out of your own home.

Did you know that the makeup for the film took 4 1/2 hours each day? And that the melting whipped cream scene was largely improved? The well of extremely useful trivia about Mrs. Doubtfire is virtually endless. Aren’t you glad you can turn to us as a convenient source for this  pertinent information? How else are you going to impress your friends? That story about the “crazy” trip you took to Tijuana is getting a little old…


One Comment

  1. You’ve chosen to review the film’s content, failed at attempting to hold any copies, & ask “Why VHS” like a rookie.

    Robyn , why don’t you focus on Nutty Professor ? Yes, you can have our leftovers.


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