The Best Training Montages From The Movies… For Jack’s Muscle Madness!

You look a little puny.

You need to bulk up if you’re going to win JACK’s Muscle Madness. Not sure how? Follow JACK’s workout regimen by watching these totally awesome, muscle-inspiring, strengthening movie montages. They are the best of the best. At least that’s what they told us and we were too intimidated to question them.

The Original Italian Stallion

No movie training montage would be complete without the godfather of movie training montages: Rocky Balboa. So stretch out the hammies, down those raw eggs, and get them sweats on, cuz here’s a one-two punch of what Rocky has to show you:

Nothing beats an original. And no one beats Rocky. Well, almost no one.

Vodpod videos no longer available.

The strongest muscle, your brain is

During your rest day (you don’t want to hurt yourself, do you?) maybe you should strengthen your mind, because sometimes that’s the strongest muscle you’ll ever need:

An original himself, you best be wise to follow Yoda’s advice. He may be tiny, but crazy strong with the Force is he.

Waxin’ Off, Waxin’ On

Still trying to impress Elizabeth Shue? We sure are. That’s why we’ve listened to Mr. Miyagi and painted and/or waxed everything he asked us to. And we mean everything.

Super Duper Exercise

You don’t need to be an orphaned billionaire training in a brutally cold climate to have a body like Christian Bale. Hell, you don’t even have to be psychotic. But you DO want to learn how to be invisible.

Wet, Hot, American Training Montage

What better way to strengthen those flabby abs than by laughter? This training montage will help bust the muscle fibers of your gut and repair them so they are even stronger than before:

Here’s a new way to get higher and higher.


And in case you need some motivation, let this real-world lesson teach you a thing or two:

Jean. Claude. Van. DAMME.

Cool Down: Star Wars Meets Rocky

Finally, while you’re cooling down after a rough workout, here’s a bonus montage just to make your day:


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