Where to begin?

If there is anyone whose financial situation to you don’t want to emulate, it’s Lindsay Lohan. JACK CASH winners be forewarned:

Don’t Lohan your money.

By following the child-star-trade-winds south, Lindsey Lohan crapped out big time. After a successful kiddie career she was riding high with hit grown-up movies like Freaky Friday, Mean Girls and um, um….. Herbie Fully Loaded? A Prairie Home Companion? Okay, no, no, I Know Who Killed Me. There we go. She was a huge movie star, then shit got weird.

lindsay lohan Huzzah! Youre a JACK CASH Winner! Dont Lohan Your Money

Scott Gries / Getty Images

Breast implants? Maybe.

Lesbian love affair? We’re still not sure.

Recording THREE albums? Why!?

Partyin’ it up rock star-style with BFF Paris Hilton? To quote Sarah Palin, “You betcha.”

Then bankruptcy came a-knock-knock-knockin on her door.

And all of this at only 25 years of age. Classy.

Let’s be fair, it’s been a tough economy the last few years and we all struggle to pay the rent, why should LiLo be any different? She’s people too, ya know. And like all normal people she had to deal with repeated car crashes, her parents divorce, her parents being constantly drunk and/or fighting, AA meetings, three stints in rehab with a fourth one free, cocaine arrests, and multiple DUI‘s. All of this leading to the loss of several movie deals. Talk about a string of bad luck.

Got all that? Cuz we lost count awhile ago.

And now with ANOTHER alleged car mishap, one can, without a doubt, say she has, by far, Lohaned her money.

So unless you want to squander your life away, and be mistaken for a famous rock star about three times your age, please, don’t Lohan your JACK CASH money.


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