Peyton Manning Makes Easy Decision With Denver Broncos

Not two weeks ago, Indianapolis Colts Owner Jim Isray decided it would be best for Peyton Manning to take his talents elsewhere.

Yesterday, Manning decided the destination would be the Rocky Mountains.

Why Manning chose Denver will inevitably be the topic of conversation for the week. With many people questioning and second guessing his decision, take these tips from us and impress your friends when you announce that Manning’s choice was a no-brainer.

1. The Lifestyle

denver colorado Peyton Manning Makes Easy Decision With Denver Broncos

Doug Pensinger / Getty Images

From Indianapolis to Denver…. Peyton Manning is moving from a capital town in a basketball state to one of the most laid-back hippie cities in the country.

Add the  phenomenal ski powder and excellent golf courses, and this should easily halt any questions on why he chose Denver.

2. Mile High

mile high stadium Peyton Manning Makes Easy Decision With Denver Broncos

Jeff Gross / Getty Images

Denver has the best second best weather in this country.

Sure, Denver may get cold and snow in October, but with 300 sunny days a year, playing at Mile High stadium in the fall far surpasses playing in a stuffy dome, no matter how new or expensive.

3. Tebow Time-Out

tim tebow Peyton Manning Makes Easy Decision With Denver Broncos

Al Bello / Getty Images

Manning does not have a malicious bone in his body, but we believe part of him wanted to put an end to Tebowmania.

Manning is a superb quarterback with never ending glorifying statistics. Tebow has beginners luck. Sure, it was fun to watch him take the Broncos to the playoffs, (except for that New England game), but enough is enough.

With Manning taking taking the helm in Denver, we know this is the end for Tebow, due to the Separation of Church and Peyt.

Editor’s Note: As of 10:15 PST, Tim Tebow has been traded to the NY Jets.

4. Jon Elway’s Smile

john elway Peyton Manning Makes Easy Decision With Denver Broncos

DOUG COLLIER / AFP / Getty Images

John Elway had a lot to do with Manning’s decision.

Many people will cite Elway’s knowledge of the game, his desire to win, and his two Super Bowl championships after the age of 36 as a reason Manning chose the Broncos. We believe it to be simpler than that.

Manning likes Elway’s smile. With a few too many teeth, Elway has the most contagious smile in sports, and watching him stand on the sidelines smiling can bring joy to even the most dour (Bill Belichik).

We’re sure he lit up like a Jack-O-Lantern when he learned of Manning’s decision, and we hope one day in the near future Manning will again hold up the Lombardi trophy, look over his shoulder, and see Elway grinning from ear to ear.


manning brothers Peyton Manning Makes Easy Decision With Denver Broncos

Astrid Stawiarz / Getty Images

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