Creepy Craigslist: Rental Comes With Half-Dead Pets

We were cruisin’ Craigslist today looking at places to rent, and came across a house we absolutely HAVE to buy.

But that was before we saw the fine print.

We thought the deal was too good to be true. Only $425 for a two bedroom, no lease (you know how we hate contracts).

Little did we know…

The place was left just like Aunt Pauline liked it. Aunt Pauline apparently liked rancid animals, because if you rent this house, you’re stuck with the pets.

The seller writes:

“The dog is a cranky old cocker spaniel and she has some kind of skin condition that makes her scratch at her anus/vagina all the time. We’ve taken her to the vet repeatedly and they don’t know what it is — maybe allergies. She scratches and digs at herself until she bleeds (it is disgusting). The cat is crazy and very mean. She bites.”

Ooooooh THAT’s why rent was so low. Figures.

But hey, we’ve always wanted pets.

And expectations aren’t too high for renters:

“It’s your house… do whatever you want with whomever you want and as loudly as you want and as late as you want. As long as you don’t burn the place down or flood it I’m going to be happy.”

Looks like we found our new place.

[Source: Craigslist]

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