Deaf Cat “Falls” From 19 Story High-Rise, Lives [CSI: JACK FM]

We don’t consider ourselves cat people, but any cat that can plunge 19 floors, bounce 200 ft up and still live is a total BADASS.

Sugar the Cat was just a white blur as she was seen streaking down her apartment building.

And what happened next seriously makes us wonder if that nightmare about flying cats was real.

As the deaf feline “fell” out of the window (we think she jumped… more on that in sec), she pulled a “flying squirrel maneuver” and glided down to the ground. Cats apparently have extra flaps of excess skin and fur on their legs. Gross.

What’s even crazier is that Sugar landed in the only pile of mulch around instead of the copious piles of bricks and cement. Legend is you can still see the impact crater she made.

So the cops are saying the fall was an accident, but CSI: JACK FM did some sleuthing and found this little bit of evidence:

img 0860 Deaf Cat Falls From 19 Story High Rise, Lives [CSI: JACK FM]

We’ll leave it up to you guys to decide, but we’re just sayin…

Also we know you’ve been waiting for a nine lives joke, and just because of that you won’t be getting one. That’ll teach you to count on us!

[Source: US News]


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