California’s a dangerous place. Muggings, earthquakes…bears.

Although in this case, it seems as though the bears are actually helpful. CSI: Jack FM is on the case, investigating a claim where a Californian man says a bear saved his life during a mountain lion attack. We beg to differ.

[pullquote quote=”I’m sure the bear was trying to save me.” credit=”Robert Biggs, Survivor”]

According to Robert Biggs, the man who survived the gruesome barrage, a giant mountain lion attacked the man from during his hike. Right, because mountain lions love to randomly attack people…

Biggs says that a bear was his savior. Yes, that’s what he claims – a  “mama bear” tore the big cat off his back in protection.

I’m sure the bear was trying to save me because the way it was looking at me just two minutes before I was standing there watching her, and she was looking at me like we were old friends,” said Biggs.

But CSI: Jack FM has looked into the case, and we smell something fishy (oh wait, that’s our lunch).

Even if he was randomly attacked by a huge mountain lion – which is very unlikely – there’s no way a bear would’ve stepped in.

It’s a common fact that bears and mountain lions are close friends. A bear wouldn’t stop a mountain lion from a tasty man snack. Aaaaand the guy was barely scratched up.

And wouldn’t you know it, we got to the bottom of the case. Turns out there was no bear. There wasn’t even a lion. The dude took some drugs and went for a hike and fell. That’s it. Seriously.

But, of course, adding a huge cat to the mix always makes for a better story.

[Source: MSNBC]


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