If there’s one difference between Los Angeles and the rest of the nation, it’s our restroom etiquette and availability. LA is probably the one place in the nation where going to the restroom is frowned upon.

How many times have you been out and about when nature calls and there are no public restrooms in sight? Anywhere else in the country, you could walk into a store and they practically beg you to use their porcelain palace. Here, you’re lucky if you don’t have to pay to pee. As arbiters of all things restroom related, we want to share our top 3 places where you can pee for free (and in style)!

76 gas The Best Los Angeles Public Bathrooms To Pee For Free

Justin Sullivan / Getty Images

Century City 76 – This gas station doesn’t look like much from the outside; the run-of-the-mill mid-century architecture and neon sign don’t exactly scream “We have nice bathrooms!”.   But Century City 76 does.  Two words: Black toilets.

We normally find them odd, but paired with the granite countertops and matching black tile floor, the toilet really pulls the room together. By far the most upscale gas station bathroom in the Southland. If we remember correctly, you don’t even need to ask for a key.

Rating: 8/10, would feel comfortable seeing a man about a horse here.

bidet The Best Los Angeles Public Bathrooms To Pee For Free

Scott Olson / Getty Images

Miyako Hotel – At most downtown hotels, the staff  has no clue/doesn’t care whether you’re a guest or not, so you can usually just walk right in and make your bladder gladder.

The upscale, convenient, and well-kept restrooms in the lobby of the Miyako are easy to find and thus easy to make a swift entrance and exit. BONUS: If you happen to be staying in the hotel, there are bidets in every room. Nothing says opulence like a bidet.

Rating: 9/10, better than asking for the key at the 7-11.

santa monica pier The Best Los Angeles Public Bathrooms To Pee For Free


Santa Monica Pier – Truly public restrooms located near tourist destinations are always a nightmare. The Santa Monica Pier is an exception to that rule. Surprisingly, they have fantastic pottys.

The layout is perfect for privacy. There are rows and rows of individual unisex stalls. There are no bums to worry about, the “vacant/occupied” signs are clear, and there is never a line.

Rating: 10/10, best public restroom in LA.

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