The 1980’s were a regretful time.

Big, teased out hair that needed half an aerosol can (which has nearly destroyed the ozone), giant, neon animal print parachute pants, Howard the Duck, or whatever it may be – the 80’s was full of some pretty big misses.

One thing we can all agree on, however, is that the music of the 80’s remains the best artifact to come out of that decade.

The only bad thing about 80’s music is that it’s full of one-hit wonders, which leads us to forget the names of different bands. Though each band may have only had 15 minutes of fame, they still made a huge impact on the music scene today.

One of our favorite 80’s one hit wonders is Big Country, the Scottish rock band that had a new-wave yell – plus they used bagpipes in their biggest hit In A Big Country.

Come On! Bagpipes Man!

Though Big Country‘s career didn’t last as long as the band they were compared to at the time U2, they did mange to make one of our favorite songs of the 80’s.


Big Country – “In A Big Country”


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