Jack’s Favorite After Dentist Drugged Up YouTube Videos

Dentist videos… they never get old.

Who can resist cotton-mouthed, slurry people make total morons out of themselves? We can’t! And we got to spend an entire day watching wisdom teeth videos on YouTube.

Best. Day. Ever.

Thus, we give you Jack’s Favorite Dentist Videos.

Whas In Muh Mouff?

Definitely our favorite wisdom teeth out there right now. Nothing says great parenting like recording your daughter all drugged up after getting her wisdom teeth removed…then posting it on YouTube.

Julie and the Deathly Surgeon

Ohhhh boy. Those are some powerful drugs if they make you forget you just got your teeth removed.

Her utter disbelief is the best part.

Wisdom Teeth Unicorn Ride

This chick not only goes for a ride on a unicorn into a mystical land where they eat blueberries and onions, but she raps too.

Granted it’s gospel rap, but still, pretty impressive for someone with a mouth full of cotton.

David After the Dentist

If we’re making a list of dentist videos, we feel we’re obligated to include little David’s story.

Obviously the mass public finds it funny, since it’s gotten over 100 million views. (We didn’t’ even know numbers that big existed)

Is this real life?” We hope not David, we hope not.

“Can I sing? Cause I wanna sing right now”

Wow, this chick is a hot mess. Seriously. She looks like our Sticker Pimps after a few shots of tequila.

She sings, she dances, she gets fresh with the car dashboard… and her mom just runs the camera and laughs.

Thank god for sadistic parents.


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