Come closer, child, and let us remember a simpler time – a time when man put down the sword and took up the exterior rotary laser level; tranquil years marked not by calendar, but by beta testing; an age where brothers no longer tangled in arms, but threw down the remote controller when their robot lost another wheel.

The age of the BattleBots has come and gone… but worry not, fair one, for James Cameron is a badass who convinced The Discovery Channel to helm a new robot-fighting series called “Robogeddon”

Let the sparks fly.

james cameron BattleBots Returns! James Cameron Brings Robogeddon To Discovery Channel

Gareth Cattermole / Getty Images

According to The Wrap, James Cameron (Avatar, Aliens, Titanic) is teaming up with Mark Burnett (Survivor, Are You Smarter Than A Fifth Grader?) to bring this robot-battling-reality-show to life.

Loosely based on the Comedy Central show “BattleBots” which ran from 2000-2002, “Robogeddon” promises a similar premise: contestants build menacing, mechanical, fighting machines that duel “to the death” in caged arenas. While “BattleBots” looked at the lighter, goofier side of the metallic mayhem, “Robogeddon” promises a darker, more dramatic look into the world of robot fighting.

Because an egg-shaped metal box flipping a tricked-out fire-poker in a tiny Roman Gladiator arena is oh-so-dramatic. Cue the orchestra (“da da daaaa, da da da daaaaaaaa….“)

While no premier date has yet been announced for “Robogeddon,” development has already began. Expect to see the new show on Discovery Channel either this fall or early 2013.

And may the odds be ever in your favor. Is that right?

[Source:  Engadget via TG Daily via The Wrap]


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