Resurrection Of The Streetcar In Downtown Los Angeles

Attention Portland hipsters: Los Angeles will officially be one-upping you…in other words, stealing your swagger. Don’t worry about rushing to the nearest thrift store though, we’re only replicating your street cars.

Pacific Electric “Red Cars” once dominated the streets of downtown Los Angeles, back when the tracks ran a thousand miles deep. Broadway street could experience a blast from the past, with new streetcar lines set to open in 2016.

[pullquote quote=”The idea when we set out on this was to connect every major destination point in downtown.” credit=”Councilman Jose Huizar”] Councilman Jose Huizar’s $36.5 million plan “Bringing Back Broadway” in 2008, was the initiation to revive movie theatres, night spots, etc. that exemplified the hustle and bustle and classier, urban lifestyle of our ancestors.

With similar streetcar systems running throughout Europe, Seattle, San Francisco and Pittsburgh, Los Angeles and Washington D.C. will be new additions to this authentic means of transportation and sight-seeing. Not to mention, you can pretend you’re Marlon Brando in New Orleans, while hanging off the rail of a Streetcar Named Desire.

The streetcar loop will operate as a tour, from the Ritz-Carlton to Skid Row. A visual depiction of the economic food chain in downtown LA. The proposed route would head south from First Street down Broadway, then turn around and head north past Staples Center and the possible NFL stadium that remains in the planning stages, before ending near the Museum of Contemporary Art.

[pullquote quote=”It’s like a sidewalk escalator ride and there weren’t a whole lot of seats.” credit=”Councilman Jose Huizar”]

Due to the predictable paths and stop patterns, streetcars provide safer transportation than buses. They are lower to the ground on shallow tracks, allowing a smooth ride for all you low-ri-ders. Most triumphantly, they function with the flow of traffic, which will potentially alleviate the issue of incompetent individuals, that operate the majority of vehicles in this here traffic capital.

Ever since freeways were introduced in the 60’s, red and yellow car lines, maintained the intimacy that was robbed from our beloved downtown. As the metropolitan area served as the main vessel of transportation during the Renaissance, the significance of Pacific Electric Red Cars serve as a symbolic depiction of the era as a whole. Now do like Bowie and Jagger and finally embrace dancin’ in the streets.

Mick Jagger & David Bowie – “Dancin’ In The Streets”

Source: [OC Register]


One Comment

  1. micah sophia says:

    that is what the city needs ………make them proud of the city of angels……everybody is welcome to get on board the love train!!!!!!!!!

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