Los Angeles may be the city of angels, but it’s also one pretty bad ass mother-shut-your-mouth of a city.  And in honor of “The Hunger Games” still kicking butt in the box office (take that “Titanic: 3D!”), we’ve created our own Hunger Games:

Los Angeles-style.

District 1: Compton

The closest thing LA has to the ‘Careers’. Talk about training your whole life just to stay alive. Damn.

District 2: East Los Angeles

Much like the fictional Panem, LA’s got a lot of people born ready to fight. We’d love to see it come down to Compton and East LA. That’d sure be a bloodbath.

District 3: North Hollywood

They’d hold their own with their fellow ‘Career’s but would ultimately be no match in killing ability as some of the other districts.

District 4: Long Beach

Joining up with their fellow ’Career’ fighters would help them make it far but we still wouldn’t put our money on the LBC. We’ve been taken for a fool one too many times.

District 5: Santa Monica

The sponsors would be the ones keeping them alive for the majority of the Games. If the arena were set on a beach they’d have a chance.

District 6: Brentwood

OJ Simpson would make the perfect mentor. Don’t underestimate them.

District 7: West Hollywood

Unfortunately, they’d probably be the first to die a quick, painful, gory death in the Cornucopia as they go after supplies they wouldn’t know how to use had they made it out alive.

District 8: Burbank

Another hopeless pair that are hopefully fast enough to outrun the other, more willing, tributes.

District 9: Westwood

Their smarts, and parent’s money, would keep them alive for a few days, but their inability to fight would be their undoing.

District 10: Venice Beach

Along with WeHo, they’d probably be out pretty quickly, but mainly for their refusal to take part in a structured society.

District 11: Anaheim

They’re smart, but we’re gonna assume their survival wits aren’t the best, therefore they probably wouldn’t last more than a day or two. Leave it to them to start a fire at night so the other tributes can find them.

District 12: Fontana

If any LA-area location is gonna come out of nowhere for a surprise victory, we’d say it’d be this place. Who knew?

The Los Angeles Hunger Games, brought to you by its Capitol: Beverly Hills.


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