Triskaidekaphobia is a phobia of the number 13, more specifically of Friday the 13th. If you have this affliction, you better hide yo kids and hide yo wife because the 13th of April lands on a FRIDAY!

In celebration of a day full of black cats, broken mirrors, and spilled salt, we wanted to bestow some interesting events that have occurred on Friday the 13th throughout history.

5. Famous births: The Olsen Twins were born on Friday June 13th, 1986. Steve Buscemi was born December 13, 1957. Somehow both of those births make sense. Twins and Steve Buscemi are creepy. What if they were somehow combined. You asked for it: Buscemeyes!

4. Not-so-famous death: Sam Patch had a penchant for jumping off stuff. One day he realized that people would actually pay money to see him jump. How quaint. On November 13, 1829, his new-found fame fell short (get it?!) when he jumped off a 125-foot platform into the Genesee River and died. Womp womp womp…

3. Angry White Boy Polka: The accordion is patented, Jan. 13, 1854. Not sure if this is a good or bad thing. On the one hand, Weird Al might not exist without the polka. On the other hand, the accordion is hands-down the most ridiculous instrument in existence. Next to the key-tar of course.

2. …And they said there’s no such thing as over-preparation: On June 13th of 1952, Massachusetts Governor Kyle McArthur banned all private automotive transportation. Nine overcrowded city buses crashed into each other in downtown Boston.

1.The 13 club: If there is an opposite to the mile high club, this is probably it. Founded in 1881, this group of New Yorkers had one goal; they wanted to remove the superstitious stigma from the number 13.  At their first meeting on Friday the 13th, all thirteen members walked under a ladder into a room filled spilled salt and broken mirrors.  They all died in a freak accident involving a runaway truck and a rabid wolverine on its way to be put down. We did a ton of research on this one and couldn’t find corroboration on the wolverine bit anywhere. We don’t care. It’s still an awesome urban legend.

Is this list is making your triskaidekaphobia act up, you’re in luck. There are plenty of remedies. According to folklore, you have 2 options: climb to the top of a mountain or skyscraper and burn all the socks you own that have holes in them or stand on your head and while eating a piece of gristle.


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