Four Amish Teens Busted For BUI (Buggying Under The Influence)

We all know to watch the roads for people driving cars drunk, but what about drunk buggy drivers?

Residents of Sherman, New York better stay on the lookout. Four Amish teenagers were arrested after they drunkenly crashed one of their buggies into a police car. Apparently, the boys couldn’t wait for Rumspringa to get their party on!

According to CBS News, Authorities were responding to a report of a group of underage drinkers in buggies on the side of a road. When they arrived, several buggies were fleeing the scene and taking up both lanes of traffic on a deserted country road. One of the buggies moved into the opposite lane and hit a patrol car.

2639708 Four Amish Teens Busted For BUI (Buggying Under The Influence)

The impact caused the buggy to flip onto its side and resulted in no major injuries. The youngsters were charged with possession of alcohol by a minor. Police say that several other buddies fled the scene. How a horse-drawn buggy can flee a crime scene faster than a police car is beyond us…

And in case you were wondering, the horse was fine. It ran off and was later found at one of the farms nearby.

[Source: CBS News]


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