Best Sites To Waste Hours Of Your Life Away On The Internet

Whether you’re staring off into space at your desk, idly stapling blank pieces of paper together for no apparent reason, or doodling on Post-Its, we all know what you’re doing. You’re procrastinating. Don’t be ashamed, it happens to the best of us.

Here are 5, er, 4 websites to help you do it better!

1. Facebook

Or Myspace for those of you who still haven’t realized that Facebook is the new Myspace. What is it about this damn site that we just sit and scroll to see what our “friends” did on Saturday night or what they ate for lunch today? Who cares?!

Yet we all do it. Don’t pretend you’re not currently stalking your ex-girlfriend to see if she’s dating someone else. She probably is, so stop torturing yourself.

2. Pinterest

This virtual bulletin board is painfully addicting. Memes for days! You can create as many boards on Pinterest as you like and categorize them however you want.

Choose from Art, Architecture, Books, Travel, Food, Humor, Fitness, blah blah blah… Consider your day happily wasted. You’re welcome.


Obviously. Need we say more? NOW.

4. StumbleUpon

Upon creating an account, StumbleUpon will require you to choose your interests. From there, you can install a button on your toolbar, which when pressed, will direct you to a random site somewhere in the vast depths of the World Wide Web based on what you like. Say goodbye to sleep!

5. Uhhh

What, you wanted a Number 5? Sorry, we got distracted by Facebook again.


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