We just can’t get enough of that high-quality Ikea furniture. So got onto Craigslist last night in search of some new swag for the office. You know, because Craigslist is where Ikea furniture goes to die.

And in our search, we found this magical post.

So… if you have this chick’s Ikea dresser, could you please return it (and her ferrets that live in the bottom drawer)?

The post is entitled “To the person who has my Ikea dresser…” The beginning of the post itself is gold:

“I’m sorry to have to post this, but a horrible mistake was made.”

Hmmmm okay, we’ll bite. What happened?

“When you picked up the dresser I was not at home. My roommate was supposed to make sure that my ferrets were put away, but… Bottom line, my two ferrets are in separate drawers of the dresser.”

Oh man, that’s actually a lot less intense than what we were imagining.

So turns out this chick keeps her ferrets in these drawers to keep them from killing each other. We’ve heard of keeping babies in dresser drawers (that’s how we grew up), but ferrets? Come on, that’s just weird. And creepy,

So if you’re the lucky SOB that got that classy Ikea dresser, could you bag up those crazy weasel things and mail them to this woman?

Or you could try to train them to bring you a beer. That’s way cooler than a dresser.

[Source: Craigslist]


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