Beer…it is good for the soul. For those of you who doubted, or did not already know that, feast your eyes upon a bible-worthy testament of the significance of man’s best friend. As proven in a study done by the University of Illinois, “inebriation helps enhance the mind’s working memory capacity.” In other words, beer makes you smarter. Salvation at last!

[pullquote quote=”The bottom line is that we think being too focused can blind you to novel possibilities, and a broader, more flexible state of attention is needed for creative solutions to emerge.” credit=”Professor Jennifer Wiley”]”If the President drinks beer, then clearly it makes you smarter. Beer helps one pay attention to specific duties at hand. Not to mention it makes getting them done, quite a bit more enjoyable. During the study done by Professor Wiley, it was found that test subjects with a BAC of .07, just below legally drunk,  have excelled in questions that require attention on just one subject. In this very study, the drunk participants not only solved more questions than the sober, they answered them three and a half seconds faster.

The amount of time we spend on one subject often times gets interrupted by intruding thoughts and distractions. Such as daydreaming about the opposite sex…or food. At least if you’re drinking beer, that’s one less thing to daydream. The mind, body and soul are weakened by this inability to control focus on just one subject.

BONUS: “The Landlord” – Featuring Will Ferrell & Pearl

“Can I have four beers?”



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