It’s amazing what cosmetic companies will come up with to help you look and smell your finest when you hit the town.

We just never imaged that smelling like an airport would be a top priority.

According to, you can now purchase the LAX perfume for a clean 45 bucks.

The perfumer Gérald Ghislain and designer Magalie Sénéquier say that the LAX perfume has all of the smells of Los Angeles.

The back of the packaging is quoted as saying:

Welcome to Hollywood! Where stars are born and dreams come true. A fresh breeze of grapefruit and plum take you down Rodeo Drive for a glamorous appeal. Chic yet subtle notes of jasmine and gardenia dance on the Walk of Fame for an addictive heart that pulsates into the night at LA Live. Luxurious sandal and amber are wrapped in musk for an edgy twist because this city is no angel.

As Los Angeles natives, none of those odors remind us of LAX or even Los Angeles itself.

Where is the aroma of a Cinnabon cinnamon roll and a crying baby, or the essence of smog and lost dreams of making it on the big screen.

That’s what the LAX perfume should, nay! Needs to smell like!

In honor of the bizarre LAX fragrance here are five more of our favorite crazy perfumes and colognes.

Dzing! Eau de Toilette by L’Artisan Parfumeur.

Dzing is a circus inspired fragrance that has some thing for every kid in inside us. With the essences of sawdust, saddle leather, gasoline and even various animals poop Dzing is a can’t miss.

In The Library by CB.

Are you a book worm? Do you live in the library? Then In The Library by CB is the fragrance for you. With notes of English novel paper, Russian and Moroccan leather, wood polish, and worn cloth In The Library will have nerds in heaven.

Cannabis Flower Cologne by Demeter.

Some try to cover up the smell of Cannabis. Demeter says be proud of your weed aroma. Smell like the dankest herb without ever taking a hit.

Secretions Magnifiques by Etat Libre d’Orange.

This perfume is an ode to that moment when pleasure and desire out trumps reason. With subtle notes of sweat, blood, saliva and other body secretions, Secretions Magnifiques is for those who want to remember those crazy one night stands.

Vulva Original Vaginal Scent by Vulva.

Seriously. We have no words for this one. It’s all in the name.

– Julian Garcia, 93.1 JACK FM



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