Grandparents. They’re great for candy, presents…getting hammered and pulling you in your toy car behind their SUV.

Ooooh yeah. Two grandparents were arrested after cops spotted them towing their 7-year old granddaughter in her plastic toy car down the road.

You know, because nothing says love like a DUI.

The story just keeps getting better from there.

When asked for his driver’s license, the grandfather (who was driving the SUV) told cops that it had been taken 10 years ago for a DUI. Gee, we’re shocked!

And not only was the little girl riding around in just her swimsuit–because hey, helmets are for wusses–but she had been drinking too! Actually we just made that part up, that would be really Jacked up.

But the icing on this Rumplemints cake is just how the toy car was attached to the grandparents’ car.

By sturdy rope, you say? Not quite.

More like two dog leashes tied to the trailer hitch. But hey, in a pitch, a dog leash can work wonders. We actually applaud the cleverness of the drunken grandparents.

We know where they’re coming from. Most of our brilliant ideas hit us after a few beers, too.

[Source: MSNBC]


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