Never underestimate the power of the sombrero. Aside from May 5th being a time for celebration and massive amounts of alcohol consumption, it is the month of loyalty as well.

An item such as the sombrero is loyal in ways contrary to the typical, while maintaining the Mexican spirit. Sombreros not only make one the life of a party, they have purposes that exceed the physical glory of sporting this Mexican novelty.

1646637 Five Ways To Utilize A Sombrero For Cinco De Mayo

Jon Ferrey / Getty Images

Storage Space For Cinco De Drinko Paraphernalia

The ability for a sombrero to serve as a revolutionary item, is in the hands of the beholder. Say hola to an ideal place to put your chips and salsa or quickly stash extra tequila shots you might come across. This takes the beer helmet concept to a whole new level.

51527664 Five Ways To Utilize A Sombrero For Cinco De Mayo

Odd Andersen / AFP / Getty Images

Getting The Party Started

Fiesta season is upon us, unless you are a worm that occupies bookends, you might find yourself getting wild. When this occurs and a sombrero is at hand, one must use it or lose it. Entertain those around you, share the love of the sombrero and let it fly like a frisbee in the sky.

51528068 Five Ways To Utilize A Sombrero For Cinco De Mayo

PEDRO UGARTE / AFP / Getty Images

Getting Away With A Punishable Offense

Although sombreros are harmless, they will make you feel invincible. It is difficult to take seriously an individual that has done wrong, while a sombrero is dwelling on their dome. Consider this an advantage to release your inhibitions and push the limits while your sombrero rules your world.

51432053 Five Ways To Utilize A Sombrero For Cinco De Mayo

JORGE UZON / AFP / Getty Images

La Cucaracha Dance

Taking part in La Cucaracha without the presence of a sombrero seems unfathomable. After all, some recognition needs to be given to the almighty head piece. One must dance around the sombrero to avoid contact with cockroaches.

13247101 Five Ways To Utilize A Sombrero For Cinco De Mayo

Chris Weeks / Getty Images

Shelter For Your Pet Chihuahua

Never leave behind the gato! A chihuahua is an ideal accessory for your Cinco De Mayo attire. Not to mention, man’s best friend. Their bodies are precisely constructed to fit in the rim of the sombrero. This chick magnet will have the mamacitas lining up around the block.

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