Creepy? More like AWESOME.

We’ve always envied Batman and that badass car of his. And now thanks to Craigslist, we’re that much closer to being him!

Presenting, the Batmobile…van.

Now at first look, it may just look like a regular black van with “Bat Mobile” spray painted on the side. Oh, and the Bat Symbol on the hood. But looks can be deceiving.

This awesome shaggin’ wagon can fit 7…or 93! We thought that was a large margin too, but we trust the Craigslist seller.

It can also submerge under water and turn into a–wait for it–submarine! Well now that seals the deal for us. We can’t even begin to count the number of times we’ve needed a submarine van.

And the cherry on top of this sweet, sweet Batmobile deal is the gas mileage.

Sure, it typically gets 20 MPG, but attach a rocket booster on the back, and BAM! Better MPGs, instantly!

Unfortunately for us, we’re short a couple of bucks, so looks like someone else will get to buy this red hot deal.

Too bad…we could’ve really used that invisibility shield.

Click here to see this beautiful piece of machinery.

[Source: Reddit]


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