There has been much debate over global warming and how we can stop our omission of green house gases.

Now we may have found the beginning of this hot button issue: Dinosaur farts.

In a new report, Dave Wilkinson of Liverpool John Moores University, proposes that dinosaur flatulence may have been a leading cause of methane gas emissions.

Wilkinson singles out a dinosaur, Sauropods, as the leading culprit.

Sauropods were long-necked, four-footed, vegetarians who weighed up to 20 tons and stayed in giant herds.

With their long digestion process of vegetation and ability to produce a considerable amount of methane, the Sauropod were worse than the cows that we have today.

Wilkinson is quoted as saying:

“Take together, our calculations suggest that sauropod dinosaurs could potentially have played a significant role in influencing climate through their methane emissions.”

The study also says that the Sauropod emitted as much as 573 million tons of methane annually. Which is nearly as much as a we emit in total.

Leading dinosaur experts say that this “hypothesis is very plausible”.

So what does this all mean?

Well, to put it frankly, dino toots screwed us over.

The melting ice caps, the hole in the ozone over Australia, and the rise of the green house gases all started because of stupid fart-a-saurus.

Sure, we still need to do our own part to lessen our green house emissions but what about all those dinosaurs that farted all day long figuring it wouldn’t hurt anyone in the future?  What has the Sauropod have to say for themselves? Nothing because they’re fossils now!

Thanks dinosaurs we thought you guys where cool at first but now we are just glad you got hit by an asteroid.



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