Man Admits To Police ‘I Did 111 mph In A 45 Zone For Sex’

A 21-year-old man named Zachery P. Ramirez from a suburb of Chicago admitted to the cops that he drove 111mph in a 45 zone.

The police noticed Ramirez when he ran a red light and then a stop sign through a local forest preserve.

When Ramirez was finally pulled over he told the police officer he was going so fast to, “try to have sex with a girl I like”.

He is being charged with disobeying a traffic light, disobeying a stop sign, going 40 or more miles over the speed limit and possession of marijuana.

This begs the question. Who hasn’t done something stupid in the name of sex?

Seriously, sex is arguably the best thing on the planet and we are going to put him in jail because he was going to get lucky.

What is wrong with this society when we chastise a young man who just wants to have a good time with a girl he likes?

If we were in charge, we would have given him a police escort all the way to her place and wished him the best of luck.

Zachery was just a young man full of hormones who punched the gas a little to hard that fateful night.

Hopefully the young lady realizes that she must be something special if Zach is going threw all this hassle for her.

Source: NBC Chicago


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