As history has passed, convicts and criminals alike have been quite creative when it comes to drug smuggling. But come on, who would ever think XBox would be the culprit in a cocaine scheme?

It turns out a man from Texas used the gaming device as his partner in crime. Carlos Valenzuela probably pissed off nerdy twelve year-olds all over, who would have sold their soul for the sacred XBox 360. Not to worry gamers, Valenzuela received harsh penalties for contaminating your holy grail!

141722282 Man Arrested For Possesion Of Cocaine, Hidden Inside XBOX


On Thursday 5/3 around 6:20 pm, Carlos Valenzuela, 42, was pulled over by police in El Paso, Texas. The genius reportedly ceased to use his turn signal, 100 feet before turning right. Smooth move when you have four pounds of cocaine riding shotgun!

According to a statement by the El Paso County Sheriff’s Office, the gamer-coke-head appeared nervous, and peered continuously at the bag located on his front seat. After obtaining a warrant, deputies searched the light blue Mercedes in which they discovered the XBox 360, containing two large bricks of cocaine wrapped in heavy duty duty foil paper.Way to keep it cool man! Valenzuela was charged with delivery of a controlled substance with a bail set for $ 25,000.

Source: [Huffington Post]

Bonus: Grandma’s Boy.

Valenzuela could have kept the Xbox and the drugs with some pointers from these gamers. Sh*t’s weak!


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