New Vacuum Speaks More Languages Than You Do

Electronics company Sharp, who originally brought us the Roomba, is at it again with their new vacuum cleaner the Cocorobo.

Much like the Roomba, Cocorobo is a wireless self-vacuuming vacuum cleaner that cleans your house.

Unlike the Roomba, the Cocorobo has some major upgrades from its first generation counterpart. The Cocorobo not only has the ability to speak to you, but is trilingual.

Speaking different dialects of Japanese, Chinese and English the Cocorobo might be the beginning of Skynet.

The Cocorobo is designed for small talk only, so having life altering conversations like; Why am I here? or What the meaning of life is? Is out of the cards.

The plate sized machine not only can talk to you and clean your rugs, but it also purifies the air and can help you find lost items around the house with its built-in camera.

The set price for the Cocorobo is around 1,600 bucks and is expected to go on sale next month in Japan and a few other Asian countries. No word on when it will be on sale in America.

Although the Cocorobo sounds like a cool little machine we think that it might be the end of humanity and the rise of the machines.

Call us paranoid but this all smells fishy (until Cocorobo cleans the air of that fishy smell).

Seriously, think about it, who really needs a vacuum that can talk to you? Who is that lonely that the only thing they can have a conversation with is a vacuum?

Japan is known for making robots that nearly look human and now they want our cleaning devices to chit-chat with us.

That’s not paranoia friends, it’s more like looking ahead to a bleak future where we have to start a rebellion to take over our robot overlords.

The Cocorobo is the beginning of the end. Our only hope is to find John Connor and protect him.

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