Man Changes His Name To Tyrannosaurus Rex Because It’s “Cooler”

Tyler Gold, a 23 year-old entrepreneur from Nebraska, had a big problem.

As a young businessman in a world full of competition, one needs to stand out above the crowd and make sure they get noticed.

So Gold did the only thing reasonably possible to stand out, change his name to Tyrannosaurus Rex.

Gold’s official court statement reads, “as an entrepreneur, name recognition is important and the new name is more recognizable.”

He also said that the name was just plain “cooler” than Tyler.

Tyler Gold’s business cards now read Tyrannosaurus Rex Joseph Gold.

Is the name Tyrannosaurus Rex cooler than Tyler? Yes of course, Tyler is so out played.

Would we do business with a man named Tyrannosaurus Rex? Probably not.

Gold has a lot of guts to change his name from what his mamma gave him. We just think he could have come up with something just as cool and is shorter.


Sure Thor is an Avenger and the Norse God of Thunder, but hey Thor is a strong name.

The name Thor demands everyone’s attention when they walk into a room.

When someone named Thor is talking you’re going to listen.

We can see ourselves doing business with Thor Gold he sounds like he gets the job done and takes no fuss from anyone doing it.

Playing around with Gold as a last name.

Think about it, having Gold as a last name gives you a lot of freedom to play a round with it.

Pure Gold, 24 Carat Gold, or Olympic Gold, the list of things that can go in front of gold and sound cool is pretty endless.

We’d rather do business with a guy named 24 Carat Gold than Tyrannosaurus Rex Gold.


This might be on the nerdier end of the spectrum, even for us, but Au is the symbol for gold on the periodic table of elements.

He can even change his name to Element 79, which is gold’s number on the periodic table.

Element 79 sounds like a science experiment gone wrong and is ready to do work.

Tyrannosaurus Rex Gold would be an interesting business partner to say the least, we just feel he could have come up with something cooler.

More power to you T-Rex and we hope you devour the competition.



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