Pour The Perfect Pint Like a Manly Man

Listen up, you really really need to stop pouring bad pints!! If you’re going to have a beer that isn’t crappy, you might as well learn how to have it right.

We want to teach you how to properly pour a pint when you are ready to host your first party in your new man cave.

It’ll impress the ladies and make you look like less of a dork.

Here are the 3 things that make a perfect pour.

1. Use a clean glass.  Seriously, a dirty glass is gross and will change the flavor of the brew.  containing oils, dirt or residuals from a previous beer, may inhibit head creation and flavours

2. Hold the glass correctly. Tilt it approximately 45° then pour the beer, aiming for the middle of the slope of the glass. If it’s a Guinness, aim for the logo. Don’t pour too slowly, it’s perfectly alright to get some air between the tap or bottle and the glass. As long as you’re holding the glass correctly, you won’t have a mess.

3. Time it right. When the glass is about halfway full, gradually (but not too slowly) tilt the glass to a 90° angle and continue to pour in the middle of the glass. At this point, if you’re confident enough you can add some distance between the tap or bottle and the glass. If not, that’s ok too. This is what gives you a good foam head. A head is a good thing not only for looks but for taste. It encourages the aroma of the brew to release

There you have it! You can now pour a pint like a pro. As a reward, here’s a picture of  hot girl drinking 2 perfectly poured pints.

2216545 Pour The Perfect Pint Like a Manly Man

Getty Images


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