Ever talk smack about someone via text and send the message to the person you are talking smack about? Yeah, this is worse. Two women “accidentally” text messaged an Alaskan State Trooper, with hopes to gain some booze out of it.

It is definitely also worse than standing in front of Ralph’s when you’re sixteen, asking complete strangers to buy you a fifth. Don’t act like you didn’t do that…

In Anchorage, Alaska two women face misdemeanor charges, after sending a text message requesting the illegal purchase of alcohol. Must be the female versions of dumb and dumber. The sales of alcohol in Bethel, Alaska are barred due to the restriction of selling it in the community 400 miles West of Anchorage. The two geniuses remain nameless as the charges are pending.

Mike Ingram was the unintended recipient of this out-of-the-ordinary text message. Oh yeah, he just happens to be an Alaska State Trooper. Ingram could have scored some chicks and taken them up on the offer, but instead he was loyal to his civil duties. He responded to the text arranging a meet time. Authorities claim the two women and another suspected buyer, showed up to the meeting, as did Ingram…in uniform. Ha ha ha. Imagine that out loud.

[Source: Huffington Post]

When all else fails…blame it on the alcohol.


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