London Gallery To Exhibit Invisible Art, People Buying Tickets With Not So Invisible Money

Sure, art is subjective. That’s respectable. One man’s paint-strewn trash is another man’s Jackson Pollock. And although the prices for such creations are often in the triple digits, we think it’s sort of awesome that artists can ostensibly rip-off their buyers, but their buyers get five times the return when that artist dies.

It’s win-win. Art is great.

Except when some crazy British people try to convince us that invisible art–yes, art that’s not actually there–is real art and that the public should pay £8 (about $13) for the experience. Apparently, London’s Hayward Gallery is “curating” fifty “invisible” art pieces by the likes of Andy Warhol and Yoko Ono and the exhibit will be open on June 12th for a bunch of pretentious art nuts to “spend” their not-so-invisible pounds on.

According to the Telegraph, the exhibit will feature an empty plinth with a canvas of invisible ink from French artist Yves Klein, Warhol’s 1985 Invisible Sculpture, a blank piece of paper from artist Tom Friedman, and some typed up instructions by infamous cuckoo Yoko One on how to “conjure up artwork” in your mind.

The director of the Hayward Gallery, Ralph Rugoff, said in an interview that he thinks visitors will find that there is “plenty to see and experience in this exhibition of invisible art.”

“From the amusing to the philosophical, you will be able to explore an invisible labyrinth that only materialises as you move around it, see an artwork that has been created by the artist staring at it for 1000 hours, walk through an installation designed to evoke the afterlife, and be in the presence of Andy Warhol’s celebrity aura,” continued Rugoff. “This exhibition highlights that art isn’t about material objects, it’s about setting our imaginations alight, and that’s what the artists in this show do in many varied ways.”

OK, so next you’re going to tell us that all currency is actually invisible and that our banks don’t have money, really, and that credit cards are just symbolic of monetary units going in and out and money doesn’t exist. Oh, wait.

–Nadia Noir, CBS Radio Los Angeles


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