Ah, the things Jack FM would do with 400,000 toothpicks.

Not like we have bad hygiene or anything. We’ve just got stuff up our sleeve okay. Our creative energy is pulsing like a hungry werewolf’s salivary glands.

But really people, toothpicks are a segue to becoming the next Frank Lloyd Wright. We’re talkin’ money here.

In Athens, Georgia police are investigating who on this planet earth would do such a thing, as stealing 400,000 toothpicks from a manufacturer in Athens.

Georgia, Georgia, no peace I find…when $3,000 worth of your precious toothpicks are stolen.

Due to the sly nature of the heist, there were no signs of forced entry, when the toothpicks were snatched. The owner feels that a former employee could be the culprit. Two employees claimed to have seen a man selling containers of Armond’s toothpicks at a flea market last weekend.

Hustlin’ ain’t easy.

Each case in the toothpick pack contains 288 packages of handy dandy toothpicks. Do you people even realize what one can do with that many mini sticks of wood?! You can build a mini house and provide shelter for our fellow insect neighbors. Maybe then they won’t invade your happy home.

We know you crazy Jack FM listeners have the creative juices flowin’. We can tell by the ridiculous messages you leave us.

What would YOU do with 400,000 toothpicks?

Impress us…we dare you.

[Source: msnbc]


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