It’s been a hard days night, and you’ve been workin’ like a dog, so what do you do?

Head straight to the fridge and pop open a cold brew. Our canine friends don’t have it so easy unfortunately.

Why not give the real hard workers something to make up for their labor instead of measley “doggie treats”. Come on people, get your heads straight.

Seattle brewing company “Bowser Beer” has now created a beneficial beverage that will make our favorite creatures under the impression that they are in on the human shenanigans.

While Bowser Beer already has a line of pretzels for the furry friends, they figured, why not offer a cold beverage to wash it down eh? We like the way you think.

[pullquote quote=”It’s for the celebration of the dog days of summer.” credit=”Creator Jenny Brown”]

Bowser Beer, although titled “beer”, does not contain hops or alcohol, which would both be detrimental to the health of the pups anyway. We don’t want none of that round’ here!

The doggy beer is made from a meat broth formulated from barley, vitamins, and healthy-joint-promoting glucosamine.

The two current flavors of Bowser Beer, now on the market are “Beefy Brown Ale”, and ” Cock-a-Doodle-Brew”. Even better, the dog owners can customize their own labels for the doggy ale.

Now that’s unconditional love…convincing your dog they’re drinking alcohol when really they’re not!

[Source: NBCLA]


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