Robberies ain’t no joke. If you’re not sly, then you won’t get by.

It seems like the type of activity that would be somewhat planned. On the minds that bank robbing has crossed, usually preparing a cab for this rendezvous is not a correlating option in those minds.

Unless you’re Cynthia Sheik from Florida, who allegedly had her taxi driver wait  for her outside a convenience store while she robbed it. This is more comical than most of the crap we write about.

Believe what you’re reading people, it might provide you with an important life lesson. Don’t order a taxi to rob a bank. Hopefully that will add some insight to your plans.

Cynthia Sheik took a cab to a Race Track store in Port Charlotte, Fla. Step one, transportation, taken care of. She asked the cab driver to wait for her. Little did he know she was…BREAKING THE LAW, BREAKING THE LAW.

Go ahead just call a public transportation service to chauffeur you to your own heist and wait calmly.

Sheik started demanding cash from the clerk, and it appeared to the cab driver that she was attempting to beat her fare. He then brought it the attention of a nearby police officer. Smooth move…say that out loud five times fast.

Sheik pulled off the robbery $320 richer…before triggering the alarm that is. The clerk ran outside to flag down the police, and Cynthia Sheik was arrested. She definitely is no Patty Hearst, nice try though.

People these days, how dare you mistreat that poor ol’ cab driver.

Source: msnbc


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