Meanwhile In Southern California: Spice Marijuana Causes Man To Attack Elderly Couple

Most spices are enchanting, but we didn’t realize the demonic wrath of this marijuana spice.

Although it has practically been outlawed by the DEA, synthetic “spice” marijuana strikes back.

The drug that apparently makes one “utterly insane” lived up to its reputation with 23-year-old Matthew See from Costa Mesa.

He had a bad trip–on spice that is. Who wants to get crazy?! Here try some of this…

Things went haywire on the 800 block of Baker street this past Saturday.  A 70-year-old woman and her 69-year-old husband were assaulted by Matthew See around 8 a.m.

Costa Mesa officers claim See was dripping with sweat and rambling like a rabid dog when they found him. He then admitted to smoking spice prior to the wild zombie-esque attack.

After approaching the couple, the husband stood up and walked away. According to police, See pushed him to the ground and took his sunglasses. The poor man’s wife then opened her door for her husband to re-enter the apartment and See then skedaddled.

Kick him to the curb AND steal his stunner shades? Low blow man.

He returned later and forcefully entered the couple’s house where he scolded the woman multiple times while preventing the two from leaving their apartment or calling authorities. He finally scrammed from the scene leaving the couple “not badly hurt.”

Sugar and spice and everything not nice.

Matthew See was arrested Saturday for alleged burglary, robbery, false imprisonment, and public intoxication. He was bailed out of jail over the weekend.



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