Piranha Bites Off 18-Month-Old Girl’s Fingertip

Here little fishy fish…follow my finger!

While piranhas, aka caribes are known for their vicious, omnivorous appetite and razor-sharp teeth, it boggles Jack FM’s mind that one would think to stick their flesh near a creature of this stature. Unless it’s an UNATTENDED 18-month-old baby…

We’ve tried it and survived, but that’s cause we’re the almighty Jack FM.

Okay it was a dried up piranha that we stuck our hand in but no one needs to know that, got it?

While most provide furry, harmless toys for their children, it seems clear that this piranha was far too accessible to the 18-month-old girl–who now has a tip missing from her finger.

A family from Chicago, Illinois kept a piranha inside an aquarium in their house. On Tuesday night, they heard crying from their 18-month-old daughter, and discovered her severed fingertip.

If a piranha doesn’t scream “you can look, but you can’t touch” all over it, then call us crazy. It’s not like the little girl knew that our ancestors used these very teeth to make tools and weapons. The piranha was claiming revenge, it happens.

The parents of the girl first assumed that their pitbull was the cause for the severed finger, until doctors concluded it was indeed the flesh-eating beast.

The girl was rushed to a hospital and the parents are not facing charges over the unfortunate freak accident. No further information has been provided.

[Source: huffingtonpost]


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