Who wants a grilled cheese bacon burger?! Make that a FREE grilled cheese bacon burger.

This can be achieved only under one condition–one must be decked out in Spiderman apparel. That’s right, perfect opportunity to flaunt your bulge below the belt–if that’s what you’re going for.

Much more effective for views than a Speedo, we assure you.

This Independence Day Carl’s Jr. will be providing you general-public vultures with free burgers!

As July 3rd marks the release of Columbia Pictures’  The Amazing Spider-Man, it also marks the day when several Spiderman imposters will stuff their faces (or masks) with grilled cheese bacon burgers.

Beginning at 11 a.m. on July 4th, Carl’s Jr. or Hardee’s will be the promised land to claim your sensational slice of heaven. We’re referring to the charbroiled beef patty tucked between two slices of grilled bread with bacon, American cheese, Swiss cheese and mayo.

Costume criteria includes…there is not costume criteria. Any dipstick who doesn’t think to wear red and blue in some sort of spandex skin-sucking body suit does not deserve the burger. Leave the masks at home. Sorry to all you average Joe’s who wanted an opportunity to seduce good-looking women that will be chowing down burgers.

If you were contemplating your arrival and it had anything to do with propelling along the walls of the drive thru and peeping your head upside down to order and scare the sh*t out of the employees… then think again.

This offer is only valid via walk-in and dine inside. Which doesn’t exempt you from making your grand Spidey entrance in which your legs stretch so far you look like you’re learning how to do lunges for the first time.

[Source: latimes]


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