Woman Superglued To Walmart Toilet

We all know the agonizing reality when one realizes there’s no toilet paper and has to remain on the toilet pondering his or her options.

There is a prankster roaming Kentucky who has left their mark in the Walmart bathroom, with superglue.

An unidentified woman was stuck to a Walmart toilet for 60 minutes due to superglue that was mischievously placed on the toilet.

Apparently this is not the first time someone was superglued to a toilet…what a wonderful world it is.

The screams of a woman were heard from a Walmart bathroom in Monticello, Kentucky. It took paramedics an hour to remove the woman who had been stuck to the toilet for 60 minutes. It seems that 60 should be this broad’s unlucky number.

While the woman was removed from the bathroom stall, the toilet was as well. Exactly what you just read, the woman was removed along with the toilet seat…still attached to her badunkadunk.

The highly sanitary toilet seat was removed from her gluteus maximus in a hospital emergency room.

Officials claim it was most likely an intentional act of mischief, but no one has yet been accused. Who knows, maybe she was bored? Curious?

A man was victimized in the same way March 31 in Maryland. The culprit is on a gluing streak, we can feel it comiiin back againnnn.

The act of deliberately placing superglue on a toilet is considered a crime and the perpetrator could face second-degree assault charges.

[Source: huffingtonpost]


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