As the great Andre 3000 once said, real guys go for real down to Mars girls.

Take a breather from your Range Rover for a day, and explore possible life on our planet alter ego, from a real rover. NASA has constructed the car-size “Curiosity” rover, also known as the Mars Science Laboratory which will land on Mars August 5th, at 10:31 p.m. Possibly there will be a martian McLovin doppelg√§nger saying the words “uhhh, it’s 10:31.”

The Curiosity landing is the hardest NASA robotic mission ever attempted, as claimed by John Grunsfeld, NASA’s associate administrator for science missions. According to this unprecedented mission appropriately nicknamed “the seven minutes of terror” will investigate any potential for sustainability of life on Mars. Screw Vegas, let’s party on Mars!

Curiosity will be attached to a rocket-powered sky crane during its descend to the surface. Due to the sky crane, the spacecraft’s speed will decrease from more than 13,000 miles per hour to zero. There will be a series of planned events that will allow space geeks like us to follow along on the journey.

Better come back down to Mars, girl quit chasin’ cars.

Krista Blore, 93.1 Jack FM


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