Jacked Up News: Man Threatens Elderly Neighbor With Sword, Over A Novel

According to Huffingtonpost, 29 year-old Christopher Meusburger of St. Paul Minnesota, threatened his neighbor with a sword. Sounds like someone is living in a medieval fantasy world.

The cause of this completely necessary behavior? On Monday night, his neighbor complained that he had mistreated her book that she oh-so-kindly let him borrow. She happens to be a 62 year-old woman.

Meusburger, like the gentleman he is, had the woman’s book lying on the floor of the hallway outside her door. As the woman spotted her dear belonging on the floor, she asked him why he didn’t just throw the book away, instead of leaving it on the floor like a juvenile.

Her questioning his antics of doing so, triggered a steamy rage, hidden deep within his soul.

Meusburger then pushed his neighbor back a few steps with his chest exerted, as though he was going to fight her. He then said, in his Minnesota accent, “If you weren’t so weak I would seriously hurt you.”

The woman could tell Meusburger was under the influence and threatened to call the police if he continued to push her. That’s when the sword came out.

Meusburger ran into his lair, grabbed his sword, and stood in front of the woman in a stance and started swinging the unsheathed sword around. He then scurried back into his apartment.

His blood alcohol level was at a whopping 0.185 when police arrived. While in the slammer he was asked why he was there and responded with “I’m an idiot.”

The self-proclaimed idiot had a plethora of swords, Ninja stars, daggers, knives and nunchucks inside his apartment. He was charged with terroristic threats. He’s a terrier!

Krista Blore, 93.1 Jack FM


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