So that’s what he’s been doing all this time? Taking out his adrenaline on airport security. This is by all means a laughing matter.

The man is a self proclaimed JACKass after all, what do you expect world?

As Bam Margera was dragged through the Charlotte Douglas International Airport in North Carolina, take a wild guess at what he was doing.

He infact was cursing with words that contained a formidable scent, it stings the nostrils, in a good way. It’s called booze. Yep it’s made with bits of real alcohol, so you know it’s good.

They trapped the booze panther in a holding cell for several hours and restricted him from proceeding onto his flight. There were claims that he was loud and violent due to alcohol consumption. Margera claimed that there was no alcohol involved at the time and the nostril stinging scent was from the previous night.

According to Skateboardermag, after physically disputing airport officials, law enforcement dominated the situation and handcuffed Margera. At least he went out with a BANG, or should we say BAM.

Despite his current downfall, keep in mind the man sawed a sunroof into his Lamborghini Gallardo with the one and only Billy Idol. That is all.

Krista Blore, 93.1 Jack FM

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