There it is. The Dumpy Little Building® in all of its glory. And believe us, it is dumpy beyond reason. But this week? This week, an epic chapter was written in the book of Dump that is the Dumpy Little Building…..

Below is a JACK FM wide email that went out Monday……
fleas3 JACKs Dumpy Little Building Reaches ALL New Low


Combine this with the new flooring in the Dumpy Little Building that smells like burning rubber and cost us an arm and a leg. Then add that to the termite and mice infestation last year that ended with the DLB being tented over Labor Day weekend. Then multiply all of THOSE things to the fact that 200 some people work here and there’s only 100 parking spaces in the lot, THEN, and only then, will you finally understand that the words DUMPY, LITTLE, BUILDING are not misnomerous by any stretch of the imagination.

(is misnomerous even a word? It is now Krista, it is now)

This post created by Dr. Justin Cranfill unless Scott actually gets pissed about this and in that case, Krista Blore wrote it.


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