Happy National Hump Day

Do not be misled, the word hump is a double entendre after all. So don’t consider this a motivating factor to start humping anything.

Infact, hump day is every Wednesday, as Wednesday is the hump of the week.

Thomas the tank engine had to make it over the hump as do Angelenos who haul their Range Rovers over Laurel Canyon. The hump is a motion which allows us to empathize with one another.

Everyone’s got the blues on Monday, so they blast Blue Monday by New Order, while racing through traffic in a  weeping rage. Just when the week seems restless and never ending, then comes Tuesday.

Tuesday is a more agonizing version of Monday, hoping that the end is near, but no, no it’s not.

Wednesday children, is the time at which the human race reaches it’s peak of the middle of the week, and then it’s time to wreak…havoc.

Jack FM gots rhymes, can ya dig it?

Thursday serves a purpose of anxiously awaiting the glide down from the previous week of tumultuous efforts in the workplace. Yeah right we know you guys aren’t working that hard.

When Friday comes you do the Humpty dance and possibly other types of humps will be present if you’re doing it right. Do the Humpty Hump come on and do the Humpty Hump.

Fergie has some humps of her own, as do camels, and we sure as hell need a Camel or two in order to get over the humps of life.

So there, if you don’t understand the significance of the word hump yet, then hump de bump.

Krista Blore, 93.1 Jack FM


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