Watch out Los Angeles! Epping, New Hampshire appears to have the real head bangers. Who would have thought they were 53-year-old women either?

Joyce Coffey was arrested three times in one day, due to excessive high volume use of the song “Highway To Hell” by AC/DC, among others.

According to UCR, on Tuesday August 28th, many neighbors were enraged by the sound of Coffey’s rock out session. When police arrived, Coffey obeyed their orders to lower her music.

This only lasted until they were far far away. Similar to a girl walking out of the house looking like an innocent school girl and changing into a hoochie dress once she is out of her parent’s sight.

Sure enough, the police then returned an hour later to put an end to her journey on the highway to hell. She refused to turn down the volume and was arrested as a result. Coffey was released the same night on a personal recognizance bail.

Later in the night, just when the neighbors thought the non-torment was over, complaints continued and police returned. She was arrested yet again, but released on the account of not playing her music until 10 AM Wednesday.

Nope, didn’t do the job. The power of rock ‘n’ roll, it has an addictive quality like that of love and drugs. We all know the detrimental outcomes that can appear when the three go hand in hand.

Coffey didn’t let outside sources interrupt her infatuation with loud rock music. At 1:10 AM on Wednesday, nine hours previous to the set time she was allowed to resume her music, she was caught in the act yet again. When Officer Matt Blonigen arrived at her house, her stereo was placed near the doorway with the speakers pointed out at the door.

Third times the charm. She was arrested a third time under charges of disorderly conduct and breach of bail conditions. She was ordered by the judge not to play music between 8:00 PM and 10:00 AM.

She’s TNT, she’s dynamite…watch her explode.

Later in the afternoon Coffey was arrested a fourth time from a call of domestic disturbance. She allegedly got into an argument with her nephew and proceeded to hit him with a frying pan. She was then put under mental health evaluation.

Someone was having a bad day. At least she was living up to the song she was blasting the hell out of.

Krista Blore, 93.1 Jack FM


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