A law-abiding citizen with a filthy sense of humor (money is really dirty, you don’t know who touched it, don’t put it near your face, or use it for other…places) used his hidden talent–the ancient Japanese paper art of origami–to pay a traffic ticket.

After six hours of meticulously folding 137 dollar bills into paper piggies, the man filled up some donut boxes with the cute currency and took a trip to see the popo with his legal tender.

The man, or has he goes by on Youtube, “Bacon Moose,” said that the ire he inspired in the men was “worth it” because he paid “in style.” Putting a phone in his pocket to take the video, you can see the the dudes behind the counter aren’t really that irritated, actually more amused. They did make him unfold the bills though. We don’t feel that bad for Bacon Moose.

If dude had six hours to fold dollar bills and plan a video, he obviously has nothing else better to do. Unfolding isn’t that hard. And maybe in the interim he made some new friends. Supposedly the policeman took some pictures of the act with his cell phone camera.

We bet that if had paid with $137 dollars worth of actual donuts the dude behind the counter would have accepted them no problem.

–Nadia Noir, CBS Radio Los Angeles


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